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Our Purpose

Molonglo Conservation Group is a not-for-profit coordinator of Landcare and Park Care groups in the Molonglo and Queanbeyan River catchments of southern NSW and the ACT.

We use diversified funding streams to implement programs that restore landscapes, enhance knowledge and build community capabilities. Our activities cover urban, peri-urban, rural and conservation landscapes.

We were formed in 2003 with the principal objective of developing the Molonglo Catchment Strategy. The implementation of this Strategy was the logical next step for the Group and is now our main role. We do this by coordinating and integrating the network of Landcare and Park Care groups in the Molonglo catchment, appropriate to the level of support (resources) available. We changed our name from Molonglo Catchment Group to Molonglo Conservation Group in 2018 to reflect better our increasing focus on landscape scale conservation programs.

We have been supported by the ACT, NSW and Australian Governments’ environmental programs in this role.

We do not seek to duplicate services that are otherwise available, but rather to assist with coordination and collaboration and to add value to those services.

Our Constitution

Molonglo Catchment Strategy

Our Business Strategy

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