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United for Nature

About Us

We are a grassroots organisation working with local communities to rebalance nature for a stronger, more resilient future. We combine evidence-based practices and people power to protect and conserve our natural environment.

Our Story

The Molonglo Conservation Group was formed in 2003 with the principal objective of developing the Molonglo Catchment Strategy. We now work to implement this strategy, currently supporting 25 Landcare and Park care groups in ACT and surrounding NSW. Our activities cover urban, periurban, rural and conservation landscape in and around the Molonglo catchment. 


Formerly called Molonglo Catchment Group we are one of three not-for-profit catchment groups operating in the ACT, but recently changed our name to better reflect our conservation focus, our cross-border location and involvement in the broader NSW Southern Tablelands landscape surrounding and affecting the Molonglo and Queanbeyan river system.

Our Vision

We exist to strengthen the health of communities and ecosystems for mutual benefit. Through our work we build a more harmonious and helpful relationship between people and nature, for everyone’s future.

Our Mission

We stand up for a healthy environment for everyone’s future. We facilitate, develop, design and deliver best practice interconnected and adaptive natural resource and landscape management programs. We engage communities and collaborate with government and other organisations to raise awareness and implement practical initiatives with positive outcomes. We put forward evidence-based solutions and innovative ideas for how we can live in harmony with the natural world, treading lightly on the planet. We are a community united for nature.

We combine evidence-based practices and people power to protect and conserve our natural environment. We use diversified funding streams to implement programs that restore landscapes, enhance knowledge, and build community capabilities. (Visit our 'Programs and Projects'website page to see how this works in practice).

Transforming the 2015-2030 Catchment Strategy into a strategic approach is our response to the continuing uncertainty and change associated with climate adaptation, especially concerning environmental and economic viability, and the implications of these challenges for environmental and social resilience. In seeking sustainable, long-term outcomes we've expanded the holistic (interconnected) Catchment-wide focus of the 2015-2030 Strategy for the cooperative management of the Southern Tablelands regional landscape. We also broker cooperative management partnerships beyond the Molonglo catchment boundaries so that our member groups and other key stakeholders may benefit from connections made through collaborative regional projects in support of our program delivery.

(Read more about how we do it - our role, approach, direction, values, stakeholders, strategy and governance ).

People and Environment - Getting Involved

We recognise that for most people, the appeal of volunteering comes through personal connection with a place and to other people. Molonglo Conservation Group is already developing education material focused on the community and environment. That material builds our capacity to share information to our members and the broader community. However, messages are generally for a specific purpose such as promoting an event or connected to a project objective or contracted through a partnership arrangement. (Visit our 'Members' website page to see how you can get involved with one of our member groups or, if working in the field doesn't appeal to you, contact us to find out how you can help out with out with our finance and IT administration).

Our primary message about community-based stewardship is to help attract invaluable individual stakeholders and volunteers to sustain the life-force of a community's efforts as a whole. (Visit our 'News/Events' page to see what's happening in and around the Molonglo catchment and the surrounding region and just some of the ways individuals and communities can be involved). 


As a community-based organisation, we see our role in the region as being both strategic and multijurisdictional. Having identified a gap in regional program delivery we are improving our cross-jurisdictional capacity and our skills base to coordinate multijurisdictional on-ground projects that include community engagement, education and extension works with long-term stewardship outcomes. We have been and are supported by the ACT, NSW and Australian governments’ environmental programs in this role. (Visit our 'Resources' website page for reference materials produced to support these objectives. Resouces include webinars, videos, fact sheets, species lists, handbooks and educational materials, our library catalogue and more. Suitable for adults and children).

We see our role in the region as being both strategic and multijurisdictional.
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Our Story
How we do it
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We Are Nature's Champions

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Meet The Team

Karen Williams

Managing Director

Jeannine Fromholtz

Program Manager

Jed Pearson

Waterwatch Coordinator

Elyssa Castles

Project Officer

Our Board of Directors

President:   Karen Williams 

Treasurer:   Glen Bortolin

Secretary:   Carol Billett


                    Linda Beveridge

                    Daryl Crapp

                    Wendy Goodlett

                    Peter Kenshole

Meet the Team

Natural partnerships for the benefit of our environment.

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