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United for Nature

The money we receive from donations goes into the Molonglo Environmental Heritage Fund

Molonglo Environmental Heritage Fund:

Molonglo Conservation Group operates a public fund. Gifts made to the fund of $2 or more are made deductible by item 6.1.1 of subsection 30-55(1) of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. Members of the public are to be invited to make gifts of money or property to the fund for the environmental purposes of Molonglo Conservation Group: to build knowledge and capabilities into the design and management of programs that improve the health, resilience and productivity of natural resources; to improve the understanding of our landscapes and community capabilities; and to improve community capabilities by harnessing the best available knowledge to enhance the care and management of landscapes.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Your generous donation can fund:

  • On-ground projects that help restore and protect native vegetation, manage pest plants and animals, maintain adequate groundcover and reduce erosion.

  • Training and workshops that help build rural and urban landholder knowledge about managing natural resources.

  • Citizen science projects—like Waterwatch and Vegwatch—which help monitor the health of waterways and vegetation in our catchment.

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