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Join our community and help make a difference. 

 Our shared priorities ...

  1. Build strong peer relationships.

  2. Support community groups.

  3. Deliver a program of ‘on-the-ground’ outcomes.

  4. Stewardship of natural environment.

  5. Facilitate programs that educate and inform.

Our priorities define our organisation, our commitment to our membership and, through them, to our stakeholder partners.

Our Member Groups 

Lend a hand - get involved with a member group near you ...

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ACT Urban Woodland Rescue Landcare 

ACT Urban Woodland Rescue is committed to protecting and enhancing Canberra’s biodiversity.

Ainslie Volcanics Woody Grassland

Ainslie Volcanics 

Bragg Street Park Volunteers Group  

The aim of the Bragg St group (in Hackett) is to get more local interest in the park, the was formed in 2016 and is registered with the Urban Parks Volunteers program. The group aims to improve the biodiversity and amenity value by undertaking revegetation activities, taking into consideration that half the park is in a bushfire zone. The group also supports the provision of recreational elements that can be used by people of all ages and abilities.

Carwoola Landcare

Carwoola Landcare members represent a cross-section of the community, with some just enjoying life on a bush block, others trying an agricultural activity such as grapes, olives, alpacas, goats, sheep or cattle, but all sharing a common concern in caring for the land and preserving biodiversity as far as possible.

Campbell Care Campbell Community Association

CampbellCARE have started a long term project to regenerate a two hectare park in the centre of Campbell to:

  • enhance the site by planting a native understorey for the remnant Box-Gum trees in the park (which is currently just mown grass) providing habitat for native wildlife and a wildlife corridor through the centre of the suburb;

  • create an enhanced natural setting for the community to enjoy, spend time in and hold community events;

  • create space for nature play where children from nearby schools can learn to recognise different native species and plant associations common to the ACT; and

  • create a neighbourhood edible garden.

The whole plan will be carried out in phases over a number of years as funds become available.

Captains Flat & District Landcare 

Captains Flat

Dawson Street  Gardens Volunteers

Dawson Street Gardens volunteer group, who transformed a barren patch of urban open space into a lush, thriving community space. These sorts of spaces are so common in the older suburbs of the Bush Capital - imagine transforming yours into something alive and beautiful.

Friends of Mount Majura

Friends of Mount Majura is a volunteer Park Care Group working to protect and enhance the natural environment on Mount Majura and its surroundings.

Friends of Black Mountain

Friends of Black Mountain is an energetic local community group of volunteers who help conserve and promote Black Mountain's biodiversity and values now and for future generations.

Friends of Molonglo Green Spaces 

The Friends of Molonglo Green Spaces is a dedicated and informal group of volunteers passionate about preserving Molonglo Valley's parks and common lands. Known for their hands-on approach, they actively engage in activities like planting native species and maintaining trails. Their warm camaraderie and shared love for the environment make this group a close-knit community that welcomes new members with open arms. In essence, they embody community-driven environmentalism, fostering a sense of joy and fulfillment in caring for the natural beauty of the Molonglo Valley.

Friends of Light Street Park

Light Street Park Group's primary purpose is to contribute to the rejuvenation, enhancement, and ongoing upkeep of the Light Street Park at Griffith as an important community place to support an active, engaged and inclusive community.

Friends of Magpie Hill Park

Friends of Magpie Hill Park (Lyneham) aims are to: 

1. Work with TCCS and Magpie Hill Park Care Group volunteers to enhance biodiversity in the urban Magpie Hill Park in Lyneham.

2. Encourage the regeneration of the grass and forb understorey and reduce invasive plants in specific plots selected for their existing biodiversity. Provide opportunities at park care activities to learn more about local species including plants, trees, birds and other park fauna.

3. Address erosion issues in the park with attention given to retaining water onsite and to creating increased habitat for existing plants and animals, including insects, birds and pleasant ‘pause points’ for park users.

4. Develop a park biodiversity masterplan to help inform the work of our volunteer group and promote community engagement.

5. Overtime, encourage local residents to plant some local species in their gardens to help build connectivity with the nearby O’Connor and Lyneham Ridges Nature Reserves which connect via green spaces with the Gungahlin grasslands.

Friends of Watson Green Space

Friends of Watson Green Space is a volunteer group that seeks to engage the community in maintaining and enhancing the degraded and fragmented habitat in the Watson Green Space.  It aims to support the biodiversity of Watson Green Space and build knowledge and appreciation of the area. 


Watson Green Space is an urban park that runs between Aspinall Street and Antill Street in the suburb of Watson. It is bordered by the Watson Woodlands / Justice Robert Hope Park— home to critically endangered Box-Gum Grassy Woodland—which connects to the Mount Majura Nature Reserve on the eastern side through partially cleared land. Friends of Watson Green Space is a sub‑committee of the Watson Community Association

Grevillea Park Meditation & Healing Garden Volunteers

The group was formed in 2011 to establish and maintain a garden in Grevillea Park in Barton, to symbolise a commitment of respect; protect and conserve the natural environment; provide a venue for meeting, meditating and deepening connection with the environment; promote harmonious relationships among people; and provide a facility for hospice users to rest peacefully in a natural setting. We undertake a full range of horticultural activities from planting, pruning and weed control.

Honeysett Park Gardening Group

Honeysett Park Gardening Group assists the ACT Government in the maintenance of Honeysett Park, Kingston.


The group's aim is to enhance the park with new plantings and other improvements as required, to ensure the park remains a popular recreation location for local residents. 

Legacy Park

This is a small, committed group of nearby residents who value Legacy Park, Campbell. We have had good results with weed removal and control and our plantings are doing well. We are also targeting erosion with the use of coir logs.

Majura Valley Landcare

Majura Valley Landcare Group's vision for the Majura Valley is one which combines sustainable farming, local produce, the protection and further development of native woodlands and grasslands, a focus on eco tourism, while working in harmony with light industry such as the solar project.

Mt Ainslie Weeders

The Mount Ainslie Weeders are a group of volunteers aiming to preserve and protect the natural beauty of Mt Ainslie Nature Park, which includes critically endangered areas of Yellow Box - Red Gum grassy woodland.

Mt Pleasant Park Care 

Mount Pleasant Work Party carries out bush regeneration work within the Mount Pleasant Reserve. We support the preservation and conservation of a vital ecosystem and recreational resource.

Narrabundah Wetlands

Friends of Narrabundah Wetlands are a small group of like-minded people who wish to assist with environmental concerns by keeping undesirable plants out of the local Wetlands and also enhance the amenity of the community in which they live.

They meet weekly for one or two hours of weeding and occasionally for planting, watering and other maintenance as required.

Convened by a sub-committee of Old Narrabundah Community Council they are supported by Molonglo Conservation Group and Harmonie German Club.

Queanbeyan Landcare

Queanbeyan Landcare aims to make Queanbeyan a better place to live by preserving and restoring our natural landscapes and native species. Our focus is on making a positive difference, protecting and caring for native plants and animals, and enjoying ourselves along the way.

Reedy Creek Landcare

Landcare activities in the Reedy Creek Area (Sutton Road, ACT)

Royalla Landcare

Royalla Landcare aims to enhance the biodiversity of the Royalla area & its surrounds through the protection & enhancement of the natural environment.

Wandiyali Restoration Trust

Wandiyali Restoration Trust undertakes biodiversity restoration and resilience projects in critically endangered (CEEC) Box Gum Grassy Woodland and Natural Temperate Grasslands, as well as open forest, other woodland and riparian habitats. This work includes weed control and water management, small specific habitat plantings, landscape connectivity and Safe Havens, and (threatened) species translocations.

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Member Groups
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