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 Our shared priorities ...

  1. Build strong peer relationships.

  2. Support community groups.

  3. Deliver a program of ‘on-the-ground’ outcomes.

  4. Stewardship of natural environment.

  5. Facilitate programs that educate and inform.

Our priorities define our organisation, our commitment to our membership and, through them, to our stakeholder partners.

Join our community and make a difference. 

Our Member Groups 

Get Involved with a member group near you ...

ACT Urban Woodland Rescue Landcare 

ACT Urban Woodland Rescue is committed to protecting and enhancing Canberra’s biodiversity.

Ainslie Volcanics Woody Grassland

Ainslie Volcanics 

Bragg St, Hackett Urban Landcare 

Bragg Street

Carwoola Landcare

Carwoola Landcare members represent a cross-section of the community, with some just enjoying life on a bush block, others trying an agricultural activity such as grapes, olives, alpacas, goats, sheep or cattle, but all sharing a common concern in caring for the land and preserving biodiversity as far as possible.

Campbell Community Association

Protecting our trees, parks and reserves. Creating a sense of community and interconnectedness.

Captains Flat & District Landcare 

Captains Flat

Dawson Street  Gardens Volunteers

Dawson Street Gardens volunteer group, who transformed a barren patch of urban open space into a lush, thriving community space. These sorts of spaces are so common in the older suburbs of the Bush Capital - imagine transforming yours into something alive and beautiful.

Friends of Mount Majura

Friends of Mount Majura is a volunteer Park Care Group working to protect and enhance the natural environment on Mount Majura and its surroundings.

Friends of Black Mountain

Friends of Black Mountain is an energetic local community group of volunteers who help conserve and promote Black Mountain's biodiversity and values now and for future generations.

Friends of Molonglo Green Spaces

Molonglo Valley

Grevillea Park Care Group

Grevillea Park

Honeysett Ponds, Kingston

Honeysett Ponds

Legacy Park, Campbell

Legacy Park

Majura Valley Landcare

Majura Valley Landcare Group's vision for the Majura Valley is one which combines sustainable farming, local produce, the protection and further development of native woodlands and grasslands, a focus on eco tourism, while working in harmony with light industry such as the solar project.

Mt Ainslie Weeders

The Mount Ainslie Weeders are a group of volunteers aiming to preserve and protect the natural beauty of Mt Ainslie Nature Park, which includes critically endangered areas of Yellow Box - Red Gum grassy woodland.

Mt Pleasant Park Care 

Mount Pleasant Work Party carries out bush regeneration work within the Mount Pleasant Reserve. We support the preservation and conservation of a vital ecosystem and recreational resource.

Narrabundah Wetlands

Narrabundah Wetlands

Queanbeyan Landcare

Queanbeyan Landcare aims to make Queanbeyan a better place to live by preserving and restoring our natural landscapes and native species. Our focus is on making a positive difference, protecting and caring for native plants and animals, and enjoying ourselves along the way.

Reedy Creek Landcare

Landcare activities in the Reedy Creek Area

Royalla Landcare

Royalla Landcare aims to enhance the biodiversity of the Royalla area & its surrounds through the protection & enhancement of the natural environment.

Wandiyali Restoration Trust

Wandiyali Restoration Trust undertakes biodiversity restoration and resilience projects in critically endangered (CEEC) Box Gum Grassy Woodland and Natural Temperate Grasslands, as well as open forest, other woodland and riparian habitats. This work includes weed control and water management, small specific habitat plantings, landscape connectivity and Safe Havens, and (threatened) species translocations.

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