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Species in the Suburbs

Updated: Mar 20

Have you ever wondered about the plants and animals that live near you? The Australian Capital Territory has a diverse range of species living alongside and within our urban spaces.

Read and colour along in this book to find out ways we can all help enhance the natural spaces around us and build habitat connections within our suburbs. Learn about different ecological communities and discover what type of species they may home.

Use the species key in the back of the book and accompanying activities and resources to further guide your learning.

book frontcover
Species in the suburban backyard

Species in the Suburbs was developed as part of the ACT Government’s Connecting Nature Connecting People Initiative. Written and illustrated by Elyssa Castles, the colouring book was published in December 2023 by Molonglo Conservation Group.

You can download Species in the Suburbs Colouring Book for free from our website "Resource" page by clicking here.

You can also download Species in the Suburbs Teacher's Resource and Activities Booklet for free from our website "Resource" page by clicking here.

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