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Luna the Stay-At-Home Cat teacher's guide

Updated: Jan 10

Luna the Stay-At-Home Cat was published to help young people learn about cat containment, what it means for the environment and their home. This series supports a curriculum aligned resource that helps promote the idea that it is the responsibility of pet owners to ensure that their pets aren't a danger to themselves, the public or wildlife. This series showcases that cats are able to live fulfilled and enriched lives in the home, and provides children and their families with a tool to open dialogue within their communities about the importance of cat containment in relation to the environment.

This series is part of a broader cat containment campaign that will involve onsite demonstrations and education building within the community. These books were published as ebooks and are accessible through the National Library of Australia . The ebooks and teacher's guide are also available from the Resources page of our website.

This project has been supported by the New South Wales' Government's Saving our Species program through its Office of Environment and Heritage and by Googong Township Pty Ltd.



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