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Do You Have Box Gum Woodland on Your Property?

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Editors note: This article was originally posted 17/11/2019 on our previous website.

Through the Commonwealth Government’s National Landcare Program, the ACT Government has funding over the next 5 years to help the continued good management of Box Gum Woodland on rural properties in the ACT. Funding support includes revegetation (including fencelines and riparian), fencing, weed control, paddock tree management and replacement and Whole of Paddock Rehabilitation (with stewardship payments for stock exclusion).

For more information, see Box Gum Woodland Flier or contact:

  • Laura Willams phone 6205 3645

  • Luke Bulkeley

  • Ian Rayner (Greening Australia) ph 0400 428 749

Molonglo Conservation is assisting with community engagement activities.

Contact Janelle Dennis for further information


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