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Work Continues on TSR's Despite COVID-19

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Editors note: This article was originally posted 09/03/2020 on our previous website.

Molonglo Conservation is still hard at work creating “stepping stones” for wildlife on local travelling stock reserves (TSRs), despite the restrictions on travel due to Covid-19.

Fenced "stepping stones" can now be found on most project TSRs (Photo by Justin Hurley-Ley MCG)

The stepping stones—which are fenced to exclude livestock and are now being planted with acacias and other shrubs—will provide habitat and nesting sites for threatened birds like scarlet robins, and help them move safely across the landscape.

Molonglo Conservation’s operations team has been travelling in separate cars and maintaining social distancing to get the work done. Autumn rather than spring planting is important to give plants the best chance of getting established before summer, and reduce the need for supplementary watering.

Weed control, rubbish removal and other work on project TSRs is also well advanced, and will continue as needed over the 7-year life of the project (project link).

For more information about the works, please contact our operations team.

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