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Molonglo River Reserve

Updated: Jan 10

The Molonglo River Reserve follows the Molonglo River from Scrivener Dam downstream to the confluence with the Murrumbidgee River Corridor Reserve. The total length of the river within the reserve is 23 kilometres and the area is 1280 hectares.

This area contains some of Canberra’s best river landscapes and is home to a wide range of native plants and animals, including the endangered Pink-tailed Worm-lizard, Superb Parrot and Box-gum Grassy Woodland habitat.

The ACT Government has released its Management Plan for Molonglo River Reserve 2019. The Molonglo River Reserve Management Plan sets out a clear and agreed set of long term objectives for the reserve and outlines the policy approaches for achieving the objectives. The plan also gives clear guidance on how the land and waters of the reserve will be managed and used.

Molonglo River Reserve - Management Plan
Download • 16KB

Molonglo Conservation has undertaken several projects in this stretch of the Molonglo River. And with financial assistance from the ACT Government and support from ACT Parks and Conservation Service, we are undertaking two more projects in 2019-20.

Bold Hill

We are undertaking the Woodland Habitat Enhancement on Bold Hill Project, involving:

  • volunteer recruitment to establish a Park Care group

  • working bee events

  • weed control

  • volunteer training

  • hand tools for volunteers

Pinney Creek

We are undertaking the Piney Creek Restoration and Woodland Connection Project, involving:

  • aprasia (pink-tailed legless worm lizard) surveys

  • tree paddock exclusion fencing

  • revegetation

  • erosion control

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