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The Molonglo Conservation Group acknowledges the significance to the local Aboriginal people of the land, water, flora and fauna within and around the Molonglo catchment area. The respective spiritual connections are based on deep respect for, and an intrinsic understanding of the tablelands ecology, and the pathways and corridors that traverse this land.

A key part of our business model is to work in collaborative partnership with others to harness their expertise and effectively coordinate resources to deliver meaningful outcomes. Working with Ngunawal Traditional Custodians in association with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Catchment and feeder areas is an important part of our interconnected approach.

Molonglo Conservation Group’s development of a Reconciliation Action Plan is part of our long-term commitment to understanding and ‘harnessing leading Natural Resource Management (NRM) science and local knowledge to develop, design and deliver NRM programs’.

Reconciliation Action Plan


Wally Bell, Ngunawal Elder, Welcome to Country (Googong, 1 August 2019)

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