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Our vision for the Molonglo catchment—the Molonglo and Queanbeyan river system and our Southern Tablelands landscapes—is for a healthy, resilient and productive catchment, with all its diverse, interconnected tableland landscapes and communities.

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Our vision emphasises the balance between socioeconomic and environmental goals, and that healthy and resilient environments underpin productive and sustainable uses of natural resources.


Our approach to achieving our vision is underpinned by our approach of interconnected landscape management.

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We implement this mission through three integrated program areas which target improved outcomes in landscapes, capability and knowledge. We consider each of these outcomes in project development, design and delivery.

The Group’s central role in coordinating action across the region affecting the Molonglo catchment makes us ideally situated to implement and manage a holistic, outcomes-focused program approach across natural resource management.

Short-term projects can be an ineffective medium for achieving sustainable impacts on the degradation of our region’s natural resources—without a long term commitment to outcomes, the short term benefits of many environmental programs can be undone soon after realising the short-term benefits. Our program approach is designed to coordinate multiple short-term projects in order to achieve sustainable long-term outcomes.

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